Why You Need to Move Your Business Out of Your Garage Today

Moving your small business from your home and into a rented space is a big leap of faith – how do you know when you’re ready? While many voices will try to convince you that keeping your business at home will save you heaps of money without impede your success, the truth is that sometimes investing in a dedicated space is exactly the action you need to trigger the “boom” for your business.

The Downside of Working At Home

While working from the comfort of your home has many advantages, it also comes with some pretty steep downfalls. Mainly, working with others is much more productive and efficient when you work together in person. Patching in a phone call through spotty service can hinder collaboration and teamwork, costing you valuable time. Having the space to work side-by-side with your teammates has also been proven to increase productivity. This increase in productivity can allow your company to make hundreds of thousands more each year.

Along with the increase in productive work, working in an office can increase employees’ satisfaction with their career. While working at home may sound ideal, it can often lead to an increase in stress, disorganization, and blurred work-life balance. Home life and work life can be difficult to differentiate, and that stress can lead to decreased employee happiness and productivity.

The Benefits of Having Your Own Space

Having your own space allows for future expansions, whether on your team or in the physical space itself. Having a more professional space with your sign on the door and a place to interact with customers will also improve client relations. Instead of feeling obligated to take a client out in order to avoid a meeting in your garage, you’ll now have a space of your own that matches your professionalism. This is a wonderful perk, not to mention the money you’ll save on coffee outings and deli lunches.

As a business owner, you will be able to better manage your employees, track their progress, and stop in to check on them daily to ensure they have the resources they need. These aspects of a dedicated space not only allow work to be done in a more organized manner, but also are a bridge to helping you create better work relationships.

Are You Ready to Make the Move?

So, is it worth it to move your business from the comfort of your garage into a new, professional space? That’s up to you. Every business is going to have a different answer, but if you struggle with issues of disorganization, stress, and communication, it might be time to start looking.